Poetry Hidden in Catalogs

From QCI Direct Picket Fence Online Catalog
From QCI Direct Picket Fence Online Catalog

Instead of reading the curated poetry in all those New Yorkers piling up on my night stand, I read product descriptions in catalogs. The descriptions are, in fact, hidden poems, many of them brilliant, but never, tragically, properly credited. These anonymous poets no doubt support their real writing–all those poems they submit to the New Yorker–by hiring themselves out to catalogs. If the writer of “Hydro Mousse” (below) comes forward, I will give that person full credit for writing the poem and hope that in exchange for discovering the minor masterpiece, the poem can remain on my site.

Hydro Mousse

Grass grows
Where you spray it

Just mix
Grass seeds with Mousse
In the spray canister

Attach your hose
Spray on
Your liquid lawn

Seeds will stick
You spray

a beautiful lawn